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It is an intelligence game that contributes to attention, concentration, focus, visual perception, track - whole relationship and development of imagination skills of children.

  Whatzizz Game - How to Play?

 · Place the mirror on the card so that the cards face down.

· The players have the right to guess only once on each card, and if the player does not want to answer, pass to the other player by saying pass.

· If one or more players can not predict, the device is turned to the right. After that, each player tries to guess what is in the picture again.

· If no one can guess the picture yet, the device is turned to the right again.

· The device is turned only 4 times. In this way, each player sees 4 sides of the card.

· Who gets the card, guess who gets the picture first. If no player can predict the picture on the board, it is removed from the board.

· After that, the player in clockwise direction will start the game again by putting a new card.

Skills Development:  Creativity, Imagination, Concentration, Visual Perception, Logical Thinking, Verbal Expression, Abstract Thinking, Sequential Thinking, Memory; Family Game time.

Ages 4+

Product Code: B22310

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