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Family Games


5 Factors in praise of Family Game Night

1. Quality Time The value of spending quality time together as a family cannot be overstated. It is important for bonding, building relationships and improving communication.

2. Learning Opportunity Children learn many important things from family game night from good sportsmanship to importance of following directions to improved communication skills.

3. Affordible Entertainment In a day and age when even activities like going to the movies as a family can be an expensive exercise, a family game night is a fantastic alternative. When looked after, games last a long time, and can even be borrowed and traded with other families.

4. Healthy habits Having a family game night is a healthy habit to cultivate. It is good brain exercise, can be good physical exercise (depending on the game being played), and keeps kids from simply zoning out for hours on end in front of the screens, which has been linked to many negative consequences.

5. Fun factor Family game time can be a time when the family has fun and laughs together – this alone will help to create memories and good times!