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Jumbo Wax Crayons, 11mm 50pc, 12 Colours

Jumbo Wax Crayons, 11mm 50pc, 12 Colours

R 199.00

Jumbo 50 round wax crayons jar contains infinite shades of colours. Vibrant and opaque. Easy to wash with soap and water.

Suitable for hands of younger children, the crayon has several advantages at school:

  • the tips don’t dry up in case of forgetfulness, clothes hardly stain and durability is remarkable.
  • moreover, the stroke changes depending on the will and strength imparted, especially if wax is soft enough to make the difference.

How to draw with crayons?
Just arrange the sheet obliquely: with a crayon you can get several effects. The broken tip on the rough paper, draws a thin line. The flat tip creates a more even stroke. A stronger pressure makes more color penetrate the worksheet.

What sheets to use with crayons?
You can work on rough paper that highlights the pasty of the crayon. Or you can also colour on cardboard and canvas. The Wax-based colour is smooth and good for artists of all ages. Colours can be applied for successive overlapping layers. The crayons are soft, durable, comfortable to hold and don’t stain. Jumbo version is recommended for children.

In addition, this product is eco-friendly because it doesn’t produce waste and lasts over time. In fact, it is ideal for colouring every last crumb: just crush every single colour to keep in its container.

Certified CE. Gluten-free.

- 50 x Wax Crayons Crayons (11mm)
- Packed in a jar

Item size: 11 x 11 x 11cm

Ages 2+

Product Code: TC098

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