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Understanding Feelings Pack - Demo Stock

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The Understanding Feelings set has been designed to help children to learn about a range of feelings and to enable them to communicate more effectively with others. Using the components of the set children will be able to discuss, observe and better understand how they and others feel.

This is a great interactive game where children can discuss their feelings, and begin to understand the feelings of others. It is also very realistic – so for kids on the Autism Spectrum it is more true to life, as opposed to “stick men” faces. The resource can be photocopied – which is helpful for therapists who want to send home specific things with each children.

Included in the set are 13 acetate faces all with different feeling expressions. These can be handled by the children – placed on a table, window or light panel. An A3 poster of these expressions includes a key to what they show.

Also included are 3 blank white face-shaped boards for use with wipe-off markers, 3 blank acetate faces and 3 face-shaped mirrors to observe self-expression. The set comes complete with a teacher’s guide with suggested activities and questions to pose.


There are several options available in the guide that is included in the pack. Here is one option:


Pick a feeling face – the happy one would be a good one to use – to display to the children. Of the 13 different feelings and emotions included in this resource pack, some will be easier than others for young children to recognise. It may be best to initially introduce the four basic emotions: happy, sad, angry and scared. Choose one feeling at a time to introduce to the children.


• How do you think this person is feeling?
• Have you ever felt like this?
• Can you think of situations where you always feel like this?
Listen to what the children have to say and follow up on any interesting conversations which may arise.


• I feel happy when…
Discuss with the group how everyone is different and how different situations make them feel happy.

Now you can repeat the exercise suing the sad, angry and scared faces

Ages 3+

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