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Travel 4 in a Row (polybag)

Travel 4 in a Row (polybag)

R 129.00

Block your opponent and set up for a '4 in a row' win. In this strategy game, players slide disks down columns trying to get four in a row - up, down or diagonally. This modified version is accessible to blind and visually impaired players - one set of disks has holes drilled in them for easy identification by touch. 

This set includes 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs, you two should take turn to put the disc to the board game, when you get 4 discs in a row you will win, regardless of the way of vertical, horizontal, oblique.  
Once game over, you just need pull out the board and tilt, the dics will automatically fall into the bottom of the box, very convenient! 

A great educational toy which helps improve hand-eye coordination and promote relationship while playing.

For 2 players.


● Play unit with frame and base  ● (23) Yellow counters

● (23)  Red counters  ● Rules of 4 in a row

Ages 6+

Product Code: SCI-GM042-P

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