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Translucent Plastic Pipe Builders 80pc

Translucent Plastic Pipe Builders 80pc

R 329.00

Connecting all those neat tubes and play a game with the marble running through tubes then watch while the marble run through them and see where it ended up? Well, It encourages that kind of creative thinking and problem-solving skills in your students with Translucent Pipe Building Toys. These cool see-thru plastic tubes are fun on their own or with sand and water frameworks. Kids can put together their own unique creations and experiment with water and sand flow. You can even spice it up a bit by using coloured water or rice.

Each set includes 80 pieces of translucent pipe works.

Ideal for use on our Light Panels for innovative, sensory classroom activities

Ages 3+

Product Code: JYN-B36C-80P

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