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Tempera Multisensorial Paint Set 4 Pots 150ml

Tempera Multisensorial Paint Set 4 Pots 150ml

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The new Toy Color Multi-Sensorial Tempera Paints provide 4 different types of tactile sensations! Once the colours have been applied with a brush and left to dry, the child will be able to appreciate the different surfaces with both eyes and fingers, in a crescendo of sensations extremely inspiring!

They also offer the possibility of playing with touch, for example preparing letters, numbers and geometric shapes that the child can study by touch, and perhaps trying to guess what has been created!

Multi-sensory tempera has a different grain in each color pack and spreading it allows you to experience the touch in a new way. This product is also superwashable and titanium-free! In a Montessorian perspective, this ready tempera reserves a visual and tactile surprise: once dry, the child can “feel” with his fingers the painted surface. This offers the opportunity to play with the touch, preparing for example letters, numbers and geometric shapes that the child can study with his fingers, perhaps trying to guess. The same activity can also be done in the “dark”, blinding the child who will have to guess, using touch, the figures drawn over a sheet. The wide-opening jars offer easy access to the color. The different shades can be mixed together.

This is a very safe product - it follows the same production criteria of the finger paint (dyes, preservatives, etc.) and this makes it an absolutely harmless product that can be applied both with a brush and with your fingers. Easily washable by hands and clothes with soap and water.

The best surfaces to use it on are paper and cardboard, but also canvas and wood.

The colours are opaque and intermiscible to obtain a wider range of colours. Once dry, this tempera acquires a very special surface, which is appreciated not only by sight but also by touch. This makes it ideal for tactile learning exercises with geometric shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

  • Multi-sensory tempering is easily applied with a brush.
  • The large opening jars offer easy access to colour.

Includes: 4 x 150ml Superwashable, Titanium-Free Multi-Sensorial Tempera Paint Pots

Item size: 6.2 x 3.9 x 5.5cm

Ages 3+

Product Code: TC882

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