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Topologix is especially designed to help little develop their practical understanding of prepositions.  This delightful game requires players to figure out various elements in the scene, and then correctly place their location using the grid board and tokens provided. Where is the bear? It is in front of the tree. How about the mouse? It is on top of the mushroom.

At its most basic level, Topologix is great for observation and early vocabulary building; but its play value can stretch to cover more advanced early learning concepts like tricky prepositions, spatial relationships, and of course, the abstract art of cross-referencing; making it the perfect aid to start your early learner on the right path of lateral thinking.

Ideal for developing:

• Lateral thinking
• Logical reasoning
• Prepositions and vocabulary building
• Visual perceptual processing skills
• Patience and concentration
• Spatial reasoning
• Overall cognitive development

The Game Box Includes:

  • 1 wooden board,
  • 5 wooden tokens and
  • 20 game cards.

The principles of play:

On each of the 24 cards, the five animals are positioned in relation to the symbols on the board. This allows children to practice identifying spatial relationships.
In a given example:

  • The cat is positioned in the house
  • The mouse is positioned on the toadstool
  • The bear is in front of the tree
  • The frog is in the bucket
  • The bird is in the tree

The child will be asked to place the animal tokens on the board according to where the animals are positioned in the picture.

At the end of the game, the child turns the card over to check the answers.

Winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Junior Toy Awards in 2016

Ages 4+

Product Code: DJ08354

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