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Polymer Clay Kit: Garden (Shape & Bake)

Polymer Clay Kit: Garden (Shape & Bake)

R 189.00

Kids love to play with clay. It gives them the freedom to build anything they want, squash it and start all over again to make something new. Plus, they love the way cool, soft clay feels in their hands. They're allowed to get messy and let their imaginations soar.

So, what exactly is polymer clay? It's basically a bendable plastic. More specifically, polymer clay is composed of polyvinyl chloride polymers, plasticizers and colouring agents. Our polymer clays can safely be baked in the oven at 130c. 

This set includes:

8 x coloured Polymer Clays,  2 Cookies Moulds,  1 Acrylic Board,  4 Magnets.

Step by Step Instructions: Step 1: Knead clay until soft Step 2: Shaped clay with cookie cutter Step 3: Make Your own forms Step 4: Bake in an Oven at 130C for 15 mins Step 5: Stick magnet at the back of the clay

Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly modeling clay, easy to shape bend and stretch. Soft, smooth, non-stick and stretchy.

- 8 x Polymer Clay
- 2 x Moulds
- 1 x Acrylic Board
- 4 x Magnets

Item size: 12.7 x 18.7 x 4.5cm

Ages 3+

Product Code: LT052

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