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Shaped Connecting / Linking Cubes 300pc

Shaped Connecting / Linking Cubes 300pc

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The use of mathematics manipulatives develops self confidence, because children have a way of solving problems on their own. They can also test and confirm their results.

Math Manipulative are usually cubes, rods, tiles or cards with or without numbers on them. If your child is just starting out, you would use the ones without numbers.But what if you want to teach about shapes or fractions or patterns?

There are shapes manipulative, which can be used to teach children about different shapes. Others are divided into parts to make it easier to demonstrate the adding or subtracting of those parts. 

The creative possibilities are endless. Designed to be virtually unbreakable, these blocks will easily meet the rigours of the classroom. Linking Cubes in 10 bright colours. Teach operations, estimation, measuring, graphing, perimeter, area, volume, patterns and chance.

This set also allows children to discover sequencing, counting, colour recognition, patterns and develop their fine motor skills.

Includes 300 connecting cubes in different colours.

Ages 3+

Product Code:  Q015A-C300

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