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Rolliphant Slides 16pc

Rolliphant Slides 16pc

R 579.00

Spinning, Whirling fun in or out of the tub!

Three elephant heads with connecting trunk tracks attach with suction cups to any smooth surface.

Drop one of the five weighted balls into the top and watch as it fascinatingly rolls!

With a special weight and design, this track moves balls slower than gravity would normally dictate, making for an ideal eye-tracking experience.

Plunk, roll, plunk, roll, Kerplunk! Kids can't get enough of this action-packed toy.

Ideal for developing fine motor skills in and out of the tub.

Infants and toddlers use tracking for visual memory and visual perception, as they learn to use their eyes to direct and coordinate their bodies’ large muscle groups. Edushape’s Rolliphant and Rollipop tracking toys are designed to assist with this crucial development using jumbo sized balls that roll down slower than gravity would dictate, the Rolliphant Slides turn bath time, play time, and any time into complete sensory-learning fun!

Rolliphant Slides

  • Elephant-themed ball-run toy
  • Encourages fine motors kills, visual learning, tracking skills
  • Kids delight over fascinating movements of elephant tracks
  • Elephant heads attach with suction cups to smooth surfaces
  • Designed for weighted balls to move slowly - easier for kids to visually track
  • Great for in or out of the bath
  • Includes 3 elephant heads with suction cup attachments, 3 trunk tracks, 5 weighted tracking balls
  • Durable construction with strong materials - long-lasting enjoyment

    Includes: 16 Pieces

    3 Elephant heads

    3 Trunks slides

    3 Balls

    7 Suction cups & connectors

    Complete instruction inside

    Dimensions: 32.5 x 10 x 30.5cm 

    Ages 2+

  • Product Code: ES505801

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