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Playing and Learning Slanted/Incline Writing Board

Playing and Learning Slanted/Incline Writing Board

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There are many reasons to invest in a Playing and Learning Writing Slant Board.

Promotes an efficient pencil grip and wrist extension: Pencil grasp is an important factor in handwriting. To produce legible written work, a student needs to be able to move their wrist and elbow in a fluid motion.  The best hand position for handwriting and holding a writing utensil is in wrist flexion. The angled position of our slant board (22 degrees) promotes this position, which provides better support for holding a pencil appropriately.  This position may also assist in applying just the right amount of muscle force in holding a pencil. 

Improved motor control: By positioning the wrist on a slanted surface, the forearm is used to manipulate the pencil, giving more motor control in moving the pencil to form letters.  Motor control in handwriting is needed to stop on lines, form letters appropriately, and help with writing speed. 

Promotes good posture: Typically, writing or reading on a flat surface utilizes an inefficient posture, as seen through slumped body position, elevated shoulders, and looking down consistently. A child who is slumped over while writing will not produce legible work and often this is caused by fatigue because of poor core muscle strength. While working on increasing core muscle strength, using our Slant Board for writing, which brings the line of vision higher, can help promote good upper body positioning for handwriting tasks. The child will automatically assume a more upright posture in the chair prompted by a raised shoulder girdle. This and a raised neck posture can help with breathing and allow the child to become more alert in classroom writing tasks. 

Increased paper stability & positioning: Often you will notice a child struggling to keep their paper still while writing. Good bilateral coordination skills are required to hold the paper still with the non-dominant hand while writing with the dominant hand. If your child struggles with bilateral coordination skills, having a slanted writing surface with a clip to hold the paper allows them to concentrate on the writing task and not be distracted by keeping their paper still.

Assists with visual tracking during writing and reading tasks: Reading at an angle may reduce strain on the eyes. The child does not need to refocus their eyes as they scan through a page since all text remains at the same angle. This is also beneficial as your child is reading what they wrote during a writing assignment when all of the text is on the same plane.

Assists with copying skills: Copying written work from a chalkboard or overhead can be quite difficult for some students with visual processing concerns.  Using our Slant Board is one tool that can be used in the classroom.  The upright posture and reduced head & eye movement, that's needed to shift to visually scan from the desk to the board, can help with copying when a slant board is used.

Additional features:

Write and Wipe Board in addition to the clasp for holding pages

Proudly made by Playing and Learning in South Africa

Dimensions: 44cm x 30cm.

Height: 22⁰ Slanted slope surface

Ages 4+

Product Code: WSB001

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