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Moziblox Nature

Moziblox Nature

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With 30 cubes in six colours, hundreds of different patterns can be created horizontally and vertically. Have fun recreating the templates or make up totally new combinations and figures. Infinite combinations can be done by turning the cubes with no limit to the imagination. Arrange your pattern mix again and again!

Moziblox are particularly useful for the instruction of visual perceptual skills such as directional and spatial relationships, visual memory strategies and, using some of the more complex templates, organisation, structure and planning.

“MOZIBLOX represent a unique opportunity for teachers, therapists and parents to teach thinking skills, including observation, matching, organising, conceptualising, calculating and planning skills” Stephen Bacliss, Chartered Psychologist BA (Hons) PCGE Med (Ed. Psych)

MOZIBLOX was invented by South African architect and industrial designer John Stegmann in 1965. In 1970 the Shell Prize for Industrial Design Competition ‘Highly Commended’ MOZIBLOX. In 1970, MOZIBLOX was a sell-out success after being featured on SA TV. Teachers and therapists have been using MOZIBLOX as a valuable educational and developmental tool ever since. 

Contents: 1 wooden box with sliding lid (232 × 197 × 57 mm), 30 wooden cubes (35 × 35 mm), 10 task cards

Dimensions: 232 × 197 × 57 mm (retail packaging)

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Ages 4+

Product Code: B21030

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