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Acryl Combi 250ml (Acrylic Combination Mix)

Acryl Combi 250ml (Acrylic Combination Mix)

R 79.00

The Acrylic Combination Mix from Toy Color is a medium which can turn Toy Color Tempera into acrylic paint, fit for painting on any surface including plastic and metal.

- Mix 1 part Acrylic Combination Mix to 1 part Tempera to get matt acrylic paint.
- Mix 3 parts Acrylic Combination to 1 part Tempera to get shiny acrylic paint.
- Drying times: 30min on wood, 90min on glass (average temperature and humidity).

- Not washable from clothes.
- Solvent-free.
- Clean with a wet cloth.

- 1 x 250ml Bottle of Acrylic Combination Mix

Dimensions:: 6 x 6 x 13cm

The product is washable from hands and most clothes and has a guaranteed shelf life of a minimum of 3 years and an average product life of 7 years.

All paints are made with selected raw materials and fully comply with the strictest relevant EU requirements and regulations.

Ages 5+

Product Code: TC303

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