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Mechanics 2.0

Mechanics 2.0

R 3,850.00

This educational construction set is ideal for future machinists, technicians, and engineers: How does a drive shaft or a manual transmission work? What is a planetary gear? How do you construct a stable bridge? Our educational construction set answers these and other basic questions using 30 different models. The set offers topics relevant to STEM subject area curricula such as physics, technology, and the natural sciences, and helps students gain a basic knowledge of mechanical and technical principles. Mechanics 2.0 can be used in supervised and unsupervised learning, and is already being used at many schools.

Additional Teaching Material:

Innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you in teaching technical concepts in a practical way and introducing them to your secondary school and college students or your apprentices.The included didactic activity booklet with teacher and instructional materials offers display models and tasks to help you quickly prepare lessons, and includes problems with solutions, handouts, and copy templates.Teaching materials are available for free download from the eLearning portal: www.fischertechnik-elearning.com

Product Composition:

The total of 500 fischertechnik parts are clearly divided into two sorting inserts. Everything is delivered in a sturdy storage box, along with easy to understand assembly instructions for 30 models of different difficulty levels.

Top Facts:
  • 30 Models
  • 500 Components
  • Primary level, Secondary level

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the basics of technology
  • Explain key points of mechanics, statics, and dynamics
  • Understand the functions of machines, motors, different gears, steering, levers, and much more
  • Build stable bridges, cranes, and raised blinds
  • Deepen and practice project and group work

    In the education set included:

    • XS motor
    • Battery holder for 9V block

    Technical Data

Size of packaging 44 x 31,5 x 15 cm
Number of models 30
  • Number of parts 500 
  • Weight 2910 g
  • Power supply system (Battery) 9V block required – battery not included 
  • EAN-Code 4048962263350
  • Product Code: FT-E538423

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