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Match-a-Rhyme Game

Match-a-Rhyme Game

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Match-a-Rhyme is the great game that combines popular nursery rhymes with lotto game play. Match-a-Rhyme helps young children with their nursery rhyme sequences as well as developing their memory and matching skills.

How to play

There are four boards, so you can have up to four players. Each board has three rows of pictures on, each of which show the story of a popular nursery rhyme. You lay down the cards face down and take turns to pick one, placing the ones that match your board on the corresponding picture. The first person to fill their board wins! We then sing through all the nursery rhymes on them.


From a learning perspective, this game is really good. It works on Children's concentration and turn-taking skills. The placing of the cards on the board helps develop her fine motor and spatial awareness skills. Meanwhile, placing the cards on the correct picture on the board tests and develops their matching skills. For some nursery rhymes in particular, the pictures can be very similar (see Little Miss Muffet above, for example). Therefore, this takes a little more concentration. Looking at the order of the pictures and pointing at each as we sing the nursery rhyme also teaches her about sequencing.


Children really enjoys this game and looking at the pictures. It is clear what each of them are and they look really bright and appealing to small children. Often, they’ll place cards on boards for they enjoys matching the pictures up. Both educational and fun, this game really does tick all the boxes!

Ages 3+

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