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Word Families & Rhyming Centre Pocket Chart

Word Families & Rhyming Centre Pocket Chart

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The Word Families Center pocket chart is a great way for children to recognize, read, and spell sets of rhyming words. These skills are very helpful to beginning readers and writers. For instance, with short vowel words, children can learn to spell sets of rhyming words by changing the letter or letters in front of the vowel. If a child can spell cat, then by knowing to remove the "c", she can also spell bat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, and sat.

Learning the spelling families gives readers the independence to read or write new words without help if they know how to read or write a word that rhymes with the
unknown word. Use your Word Families Center as a fun and interactive resource to supplement your reading and literacy program. 

214 letter and picture cards are included with your Word Families Center pocket chart.
The 42 Consonant Letter Cards are colour-coordinate with the pockets on the chart. Consonants are printed in blue. There are two cards for each consonant letter.
The 56 Word Family Cards are also colour-coordinate with pockets on the chart. Word families are printed in yellow.

There are two cards for each word family.
ail air ake an and ap at aw eat eep
ell en est ice ill in ing ink ip ock
og ook op ose ot ow ug ump

116 Picture Cards are double-sided, showing the picture on one side with the
corresponding word printed on the opposite side. Each word ends with a
word family and has the word family printed in yellow. Includes 4 blank cards.

Download Teacher's Guide Here.

Ages 6+

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