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I Sea 10! ™ Game

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Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show numbers and shout out "I see 10!" when they see combinations of numbers that together make 10. Collect the most 10's and win! Beware of the hungry Shark cards—pull one and your whole catch goes back!

The whole family can develop their number sense as they fish for ten!
  • Pick out combinations of 10 to develop number sense
  • Exciting maths game can be played by the whole family
  • How to play:
    • Place all cards on the table number side down
    • Players take turns flipping the cards over to reveal the numbers
    • If you can make 10 with two or more of the cards shout “I Sea Ten” and how you’ve made 10
    • If that player is correct they keep those cards
    • Cards remain number side up until they are collected
    • The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins
    • Be careful! If you flip over a shark card you lose all of the cards you’ve collected
  • Sea-themed game box includes: 90 number cards, 10 shark cards and instructions.
  • Cards measure 4cm in diameter
  • For 2-4 players

Includes 100 cards (90 number cards and 10 Shark cards).

Ages 6+

Product Code: LER 1771

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