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Learning Sequences: Hygiene Habits

Learning Sequences: Hygiene Habits

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Learning sequences Hygiene Habits cultivates logical thinking and verbal expression via imaginative storytelling. The cards show moments related to different areas of daily hygiene that are to be to put in a sequential order.

Using the various cards, children can arrange sequences to narrate coherent stories while familiarizing, reinforcing, and encouraging self-care and body autonomy.

The cards are designed to help children notice similarities and differences, make comparisons, and create sequences.

Target Skills Include:
  • Acquire basic concepts of time
  • Arrange and discern the sequential order of images of varying complexity
  • Enhance observation and visual attention
  • Enhance verbal expression and vocabulary
  • Pre-Reading skills (such as left-right directionality)

This sequencing set includes 1 base, 36 plastic cards on hygiene habits and 1 pedagogical guide.

Ages 3+

Product Code: ML31968

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