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LB All-In-1 Learning Board

LB All-In-1 Learning Board

R 1,510.00

The Gigo all-In-One Learning Board is made from a touch and hard-quality plastic material.  It can hold 6 work cards between the top clear and the blue base for pattern learning activities.

The clear top is well-designed with two grips for easy and safe handling in assembly and disassembly 

Kids also develop communication skills as they play and talk about the pictures on the work cards.  

1 set contains a large, blue baseboard with a transparent pegboard top.

● This multi-functional learning board compliments other teaching tools and materials.
● High quality plastic.

Measures 84cm x 70cm.

Additional modules can be added to this set and are available on-line. 1193 LB Stand, , 1192 LB Geo Shape Blocks, 1192WC Geo Shape Block work cards, 1195 LB Gears, 1192WC LB Gears work cards, 1401 LB Word Building, 1401WC LB Word Building work cards.

Ages 3+

Product Code: GIG1177

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