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Junior GeoLand® Pattern Set

Junior GeoLand® Pattern Set

R 610.00

GeoLand® is a mirror set that allows kids to explore the images produced when mirrors are joined together and placed at angles to each other. Junior GeoLand® Pattern Set stimulates creativity and explore reflection by colouring in unique designs with pencils, markers, or crayons!

Use as a sensory tool for children to use in imaginative play to create small environments or to look closely at man made or natural objects and their reflections. Develops their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve and experiment with solutions.

Junior Geoland® Pattern Set doubles as an ideal STEM product as it links science and mathematics. Students may explore the geometry of symmetry and reflection, and the science of reflections. Examine the number of images reflected from an object by changing the angle of the mirrors. Number of images observed in the mirrors equals 360 degrees divided by the angle between the two mirrors.

Plastic base includes various slots for mirror rotations at 15 degree increments. Look through the hole cut-out of one mirror and explore infinity! This unique set engages kids' imagination while they explore creative design, symmetry, reflection, angles and more!

Set includes 2 vertical acrylic mirrors, plastic frame base and 48 colouring sheets in 12 designs.

Learning skills:
- Counting, Adding & Subtracting
- Early Math Skills
- Fine Motor Skills
- Promotes problem-solving and other mathematical concepts

Ages 3+

Product Code: 22244

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