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Jumbo School Friendly Playing Cards

Jumbo School Friendly Playing Cards

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Develop numeracy and fluency skills with this jumbo deck of 56 child friendly playing cards with 4 coloured shapes set in standard subitizing patterns, and 14 numbers (0 - 13). Cards.

 Child friendly playing cards minimize the confusion of all the extraneous information depicted on standard playing cards. The shapes have been configured in standard subitizing patterns. The patterns for larger numbers have been configured so young children do not have to count individual shapes, but rather can subitize two parts to 'see' the number.

  • Young children recognize the four basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle and triangle). the shapes are in different colors to help highlight the difference
  • The zero (0) was deliberately created to highlight the role of zero as a number in its own right
  • Child friendly playing cards are a great alternative for schools or cultures that are not allowed to use standard playing cards due to the association with gambling
  • Games to play: memory/matching, snap, comparing numbers, reading and saying numbers, ordering numbers, introducing basic math facts and more

0-13 in 4 coloured shapes.

Set includes: 56 cards

Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.3 cm

Ages 4+

Product Code: 24539

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