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Funny Machines 385pc

Funny Machines 385pc

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A little push brings action to your child's room.With this construction kit, seven year-olds can build their own chain reaction model, where a fischertechnik trick triggers a big reaction. When the weight falls on the plate, it sends the ball rolling along an exciting course until it hits the fischertechnik building block, triggering a domino effect that makes the catapult launch ... These are just some of the reactions that deliver action to your child’s room.Use the building instructions to build three different chain reaction models. Your creativity knows no bounds. Young inventors can create their own exciting reactions, even integrating non-fischertechnik parts like dominoes or other toys into the course. A fun, colourful starter set for young builders.Other inspiring chain reaction videos are available on the fischertechnik website to help boost kids’ creativity.

Technical Data
Size of packaging 465x80x320 cm
Number of models 3
Number of parts 385
Volume 0,0119
EAN-Code 4048962354225

Funny chain reactions for young designers 

  • 3 Models
  • 385 Components

Ages 7+

Product Code: FT-R551588

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