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Fun Z Balls: Large Sensory Balls 3pc

Fun Z Balls: Large Sensory Balls 3pc

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Anything but ordinary, Fun Z Balls are kind of funny looking and lots of fun to play with.  Each one responds to gravity in a different way. They may look quirky, yet they’re made that way to introduce baby to logic and early science. Red is all off-center and goes sideways. Yellow has little weights inside and goes in a “Z” direction. Blue has ridges and goes smooth and slow. That’s how they roll.

This unique three ball set assures to amuse and stimulate young minds for hours of fun.  Each ball incorporates different and distinct characteristics, promoting exploration and sensory play, enhancing fine and gross motor skills while introducing the concepts of logic and early science.


Motor Skills Development: Gripping, tossing, bouncing, and rolling encourage growth of fine and gross motor skills

Sensory Engagement: Textured surfaces engages the senses and enhances tactile development

Enhance Logic and Reasoning: Rolling, tracking, and bouncing enhance hand-eye coordination, visual sensory development, and logic & reasoning skills

Visually Stimulating: Bright, colourful design engages visual senses and encourages colour recognition skills

- Light and easy to grasp
- Ideal size for little hands
- Easy to clean

Includes: 3 balls set

Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 29cm

Ages 6 Months+
Product Code: ES705393

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