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Follow the Big Foot Cooperation Game

Follow the Big Foot Cooperation Game

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Learn to cooperate and co-operate to learn.  Follow the Big Foot is a cooperative game focusing on team work and gross motor skills.

The idea behind the game – hide or place the BIG FOOT somewhere in the room/classroom.  Then using the feet (left – blue, right – red) place the feet in a path to get to the BIG FOOT.

There are 6 pairs of feet, so once all the feet are down and your team is on their way, the last person has to pick up the end pair of feet and these have to be passed up the chain to the leader who can then place them ahead.  The team must work collaboratively and systematically.

No two Follow the Big Foot games will be the same as the environment can change, the number of children can change and there are two other factors determining how the game will proceed:

  1. Rolling the “course” dice determines the route (walking normally, jumping with two feet together, jumping legs spread then legs together, hopping, jumping with feet together facing forwards then to the side, jumping with frog feet).  There are pictures to help support the action.
  2. Rolling the optional “obstacles/distractions” dice adds in extra elements and difficulty (Hurricane: holding hands with your team, Bees: swatting bees away, Night: freeze, Tree Trunk: jump over it one by one, Willow Tree: the path must go all the way around it, Waterfall: the path must get to the waterfall before continuing).  There are pictures to help support understanding.

How to Play

  1. Roll the course die to see what course must be undertaken
  2. Players will need to work as a team to coordinate the feet and survive the obstacles
  3. Start placing the feet and complete the circuit by stepping over and placing the footprints ahead.
  4. Roll the distraction/obstacle dice (optional, throughout the game to add complexity)
  5. Complete the course to get to the BIG FOOT

For up to 5 players (or, you can have 2 groups racing against each other).

The teaching guide describes and suggest game dynamics using the dice of courses and obstacles.

What we love about Follow the Big Foot

  • A fun way to have children working cooperatively and collaboratively and hence developing social skills and social interactions.
  • A great game for teachers and therapists to focus on gross motor, coordination, vestibular and proprioception.
  • So many ways to use this game as a resource to supplement other equipment (or vice versa) in therapy.
  • Lots of ways to tailor this game to individual needs

Included:  6 left + 6 right, 2 soft course die, 1 soft obstacle/distraction die, 1 Big Foot figure and 1 teaching guide.

Ages 4+

Product Code: ML31891

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