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Feelings Friend 15pc

Feelings Friend 15pc

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When the words aren't there, snuggle and play with a friend who cares.  With an ever-changing expression, Feelings Friend helps children identify emotion, and communicate their feelings effectively.  Little hands arrange and rearrange the fourteen facial features. A blue front pocket holds the extra features that aren't being used on Friend's face. Fine motor skills and dexterity are put into action.
Scene cards picture Friend performing a familiar activity - with a blank and empty face.

For example: Feelings Friend is pictured next to a broken vase. Uh-oh. Kids quickly arrange the facial features to reflect how they would feel. Then, they find the emotion card that puts their feelings into words.

Double-sided cards display a word, while the other side shows the expression to accompany that emotion.
Expressing emotion and feelings is a vital part of life. Happy or sad, surprised, angry or confused, Feelings Friend understands.

12 emotions;
Fine Motor Skills Socialization Logic & Reasoning Hand Eye Coordination Visual Sensory Development

Fine Motor Skills, Socialization, Logic & Reasoning, Hand Eye Coordination and Visual Sensory Development

Feelings Friend
  • Change Friend's feelings to express your own
  • Encourage facial vocabulary, proper emotional understanding and expression
  • Learn to identify feelings
  • Improve fine motor skill and visual recognition
  • Ultra-soft, plush design
  • Velcro-like features stick and re-stick to face
  • Front pocket hold unused features
  • 14 face features - eyebrows, eyes and mouths
  • 12 Double-sided cards show emotion and correlating feeling word
  • 6 scene cards role-play emotion
  • Fun and engaging activity

    Ages 3+

    Product Code: ES925120

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