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FarmAnimo Game

FarmAnimo Game

R 399.00

Oops, all the animals from the farm have escaped! All players need to work together to bring the farm animals back to the meadow before the farmer returns from town.

A game of cooperation and tactile recognition that’s very easy and fun to play!
For 1 to 4 players, lasting about 10 minutes.

OBJECTIVE: Guide at least one animal to the pasture before the tractor returns to the farm.  To move an animal, feel around in the sack to pull out the corresponding playing piece, but beware—only a white piece moves the animal forward. If you pull a black piece, the farmer moves forward! If one of the animals arrives at the meadow before the tractor arrives at the farm, everybody wins! If not, everyone will lose.

Ages 4+

Product Code:  DJ08483

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