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PVA Vinyl Marwin Extra Strong Super Glue 1000ml

PVA Vinyl Marwin Extra Strong Super Glue 1000ml

R 199.00

This item is a fantastic glue based on white PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate).  It is easily spread over different types of surfaces and once dry, becomes transparent and flexible texture. Ideal to mix with tempera.

Super strong PVA glue is ideal for home, school, DIY and professional projects.

Where can it be used?
On paper, cardboard, leather, wood, ceramics, cloth and plastic laminates. It’s used to make many jobs with paper already at school. For example, vinyl glue is one of the “essential ingredients” for making papier-mâché crafts. Super strong vinyl glue is also available in 100ml, perfect for home use.

This product is also part of Kreable your touch line, born as a series of products (modeling dough, glossy and matt acrylic colours, textile colours, paints and glues) dedicated to world of hobbies and art lovers.

Ages 3+

Product Code: TC865

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