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Emotions Detective

Emotions Detective

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Feelings Detective helps all children understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of others.  It is especially helpful for children who tend to misread social cues, including those who have been diagnosed somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. 
Specific examples help players to link specific situations and thoughts with specific feelings. Feelings are the most basic building blocks of social skills. Without the ability to recognize feelings in themselves and others, children are not able to master social interactions.

Although some children are naturally better at recognizing feelings than others, all children can improve their skills in these areas.

The game builds empathy. The ‘magic’ effect of the magnifying glass allows a potential solution to be found

Learning Objectives: Players will:

  1. better understand their own feelings and the feelings of others;
  2. better understand the specific situations that trigger their own feelings and the feelings of others;
  3. better understand the relationship between comfortable and uncomfortable feelings and the appropriate and inappropriate social connections that take place as a result;
  4. improve their skills in regulating their feelings as a way to reach their personal and social goals; and
  5. improve their level of comfort in a variety of social situations.
  6. 24 cards, 18 stars, 1 roulette, 1 magnifier, 1 brochure

Ages 3+

Product Code: ML45402

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