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Dice Classroom Set 56pc

Dice Classroom Set 56pc

R 689.00

This classroom set is a great tool to teach number concepts, place value, fractions, equivalence, and probability.

Set includes dot dice, place value dice, equivalence dice, number and operations dice, polyhedral dice, and fractions dice.

56pcs in easy storage container.

So much bang for your buck in this versatile dice set to use with multiple students at home or in the classroom. You get 4 sets of 6 traditional dotted dice in white, red, green and blue. Also: 2 black dice with math functions; 2 large yellow 0-9 decahedrals; 1 large red decahedral w/0000-9000; 1 large blue decahedral w/000-900; 1 large green decahedral w/00-90; 1 large red decahedral w/percents; 1 large green decahedral w/decimals; and 1 large yellow decahedral w/fractions. But wait– there’s more! Two small red fraction dice (6 sides); 2 small green fraction dice (6 sides); 2 small white fraction dice (6 sides); and a set of 6 small polyhedrals in a variety of colours.

Ages 6+

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