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Cross Out Game

Cross Out Game

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Twelve wooden game cards are printed with vibrant images of a variety of fun objects. But not all of them belong!  Can you figure out which ones don't fit?

Moving through one wooden game card at a time, analyse each item and then use one of the wooden 'X' cards to cross out the ones that don't fit.  Pliers, a screw driver, a watering can, a hammer - Cross out that watering can!  A stocking cap, a tank top, mittens, a scarf - Cross out that tank top!  Think you got it right? Flip the card over to easily check your answer.

Then, once kids have mastered all twelve game cards, ask them to draw or list objects that would go with each card for even more educational excitement.

Made entirely of wood and painted with beautifully designed images, the Cross Out game is exciting fun kids love that's packed with the educational benefits parents appreciate.

Cross Out game

  • Game of crossing out objects that don't fit in the list
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual recognition skills, categorization skills
  • Kids love the feeling of accomplishment after picking the right answer
  • Game cards and X tiles made of strong wood with natural finish
  • Images feature beautiful, fun designs
  • Pick out the image that doesn't fit in the list - Use X tile to cross it out
  • Flip game cards over to check your answers
  • Includes 12 wooden game cards, 4 wooden X cards
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Reliable Hape design and construction
  • Game cards each measure 9.5 x 2.5 inches
  • High quality materials designed for lasting enjoyment

  • Ages 4+

    Product Code: E6308

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