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Colour Window Blocks 12pc

Colour Window Blocks 12pc

R 459.00

Large candy-coloured blocks with a center window of soft tinted film for extra style and fun.

Lightweight easy-to-handle pieces invite little fingers to pick up and move around safely for excellent creative play

  • Develop Motor Skills: Gripping, stacking, and placing blocks develops gross and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination
  • Sensory Engagement: Multi-colour blocks engage and develop visual senses
  • Enhance Logic and Reasoning: Stacking and placing blocks builds logic and reasoning skills
  • Visually Stimulating: Bright, colourful, multi-shaped design assists in development of colour and shape recognition
Easy pieces for toddlers to handle, stack and balance. Encourages creative play. Durable, washable, safe.

- 4 x Squares
- 3 x Rectangles
- 3 x Triangles
- 2 x Circles

Ages 12 Months+

Product Code: ES726035 

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