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Catch a Roo

Catch a Roo

R 210.00

The Catch A Roo game comes complete with a rules instruction guide which details the basic principles of the game – Catch, Defend, Win!

  • Bright and visually stimulating 
  • Fun, but also supports learning and the development of cognitive skills 
  • Strengthens strategy and observation skills 
  • Promotes the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills 
  • Builds visual perception skills
  • Develops attention, concentration and thinking skills, such as recognising, remembering and matching
  • Assists language skills, as the child listens and follows instructions and talks about what they are doing

How to play:

  • Catch – Play a card and catch the matching roo from the middle or another player
  • Defend – Stop others catching your roos by playing a matching card from your hand
  • Win – The player with the most roos at the end is the winner


  • 55 Coloured Roo picture cards
  • 11 Coloured Kangaroo figures
  • Rules instruction guide

Ages 7+

Product Code: 40041

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