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Bunny Bedtime: The Make A Choice Game

Bunny Bedtime: The Make A Choice Game

R 430.00

It's time for bed, Bunny! Players roll a chunky die and move Bunny on the game path. Along the way, players help Bunny make choices about her bedtime routine. Which bath toy will she play with? Which pajamas will she wear? A wonderful first board game for kids that's not just for bedtime created specifically for you and your two year old.

Kids love taking turns while matching shapes and colours!

INCLUDES: 1 game board, 5 wooden puzzle pieces, 1 wooden bunny mover, parent guide and instructions.

Can my 2-year-old play a game? Yes! Each game in our 2 year old collection is designed so that your child will experience what it’s like to take turns, play within the rules (even loosely!), and possibly learn a new skill like rolling a die. Unlike games for older children, however, you don’t win or lose any of these game s— you play to explore, you play to learn, and you play to connect and have quality time with your little one. 

Download Instructions Here

Download Parent Guide Here

Ages 2+

Product Code: GTT102

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