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Auditory Memory for Short Stories Fun Deck

Auditory Memory for Short Stories Fun Deck

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Listen to short, silly stories like “Aunt Pat’s Hat,” “Hannah’s Bananas,” or “Ollie the Octopus”—and then answer questions about each story. One side shows the picture and story title, and the other side has the story and three questions for children to answer. The teacher reads the story aloud, and players use their auditory memory skills to answer the questions. If a player requires additional prompting, they can look at the picture for visual hints.

These 51 illustrated cards provide a novel approach to improving your students’ auditory memory skills. As a special bonus, the deck has game ideas and five open-ended “Wh” topic picture cards to help children make up their own stories and questions.

Cards measure 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm and are stored in a sturdy tin.


1. Calling All Authors –

Use the short story cars as story starters. Have a player tell one more sentences to make the stories even more fun. The players ask other players questions about his/her sillier story. Bonus points: Give the story a new title!

2. Circle Time –

Ask the players to sit in a circle. Read the story and have players take turns answering the questions using their auditory memory. Players may ask their own questions about the story, continuing turns around the circle. The last player to think of a question keeps the card. The player with the most cards wins!

3. Token Hunt –

Place six cards on a flat surface, picture side up. Hide a token under one card (e.g. a chip, small piece of paper etc.). Players take turns guessing where the token is hiding. They player who finds the token listens to the story, and uses their auditory memory to answer the questions, and keeps the token. The player with the most tokens wins!

4. Adventure Sharing –

Ask players to relate to the story. Players provide his or her own experience that is related to the topic on the card. For example – “when is the last time you went to the zoo?”; “what did you see?”. After the player shares his or her own story, ask the players questions about the experience to enhance their auditory memory skills.

Dimensions: 7 x 2.84 x 10.8cm

Weight: 0.14kg

Ages 5+

Product Code: FD53

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