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Auditory Memory for Inferences Fun Deck

Auditory Memory for Inferences Fun Deck

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Auditory Memory for Inferences Fun Deck has 56 cards to help students improve their auditory memory skills. Each oversized card (7.6 cm x 12.6 cm) presents clues that the student must listen to (and use the pictures if needed) to infer what the reader is describing.


Cards #1-28 have inclusive auditory tasks (name items that belong to specific categories. For example – “Name something sharp that you can use to cut paper – fork, scissors, spoon”).


Cards #29-56 have Exclusive auditory tasks (name items that do not belong to specific categories. For example – “Name a place that you keep money that is NOT a bank – wallet, pot, book”).
Each card also includes colourfully illustrated pictures to help students who struggle with auditory memory tasks.

This deck includes 56 cards and an answer key in a sturdy tin.


Hands Up! –

The teacher shuffles the cards and places them text side down in a pile. Teacher pulls a card from the deck and reads the description on the card. Players put their hands up when they hear the answer choice they believe is correct. Award one point for correct answers. Play continues in turn. Player with the most points wins!

Team Swap –

Divide the players into two teams. The teacher shuffles the cads and gives each team an equal number of cards. Players take turns reading cards and answer choices to the players on their team. When the players have completed all their cards, they swap cards with the other team. Play continues until all teams have read/answered all cards or until the teacher decides to stop.


Shuffle the cards and place them text side down. The teacher selects and reads a card. Player one answers. Award one point for a correct answer. Play continues in turn. Players earn bonus points by creating/writing a new auditory inference. Award one point for each auditory inference that each player writes (up to a total of three per turn). As an extension activity, allow the players to read their inferences to their classmates to see if they can answer correctly.

Ages 5+

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