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Auditory Memory for Detail in Sentences Fun Deck

Auditory Memory for Detail in Sentences Fun Deck

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Auditory Memory for Details in Sentences Fun Deck helps students learn to identify and remember specific details. Students listen to detailed sentences about events such as “Camping with Dad” and then answer four questions about each sentence.  The teacher reads the story, and asks one of the four questions.  Players use their auditory memory skills to answer the questions.  If players require additional prompting, they can look at the pictures for visual hints.

Improve students’ listening skills as they recall facts from short sentences describing various fun-filled events.  Use this product with other Auditory memory products from Super Duper, such as “Auditory Memory for Short Stories

Each card front has an illustration that presents visual cues related to the details of the story. Includes content cards and game ideas. 56 cards. Cards measure 75 x 125mm and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.

Cards 52 – 56 are open-ended “WH” topic cards.  Players make up their own creative stories and ask other players questions about them.

Game Ideas:


Ask the players to relate to the event in the sentence.  Players provide his/her own experience related to the topic on the card.  For example, if the player selects the “Camping with Dad” card ask: “Have you ever been camping?; What are some things you would bring camping?; Where did you go camping?”

  1. MEMORY –

Shuffle the deck and place the cards face down.  The teacher reads a sentence and asks a player questions about the sentence on the card.  For each correct answer the player receives a card/token/chip.  The player who has most cards/tokens/chips at the end of the game is the winner


Players take turns being the “teacher”.  The “teacher” chooses a topic and a player.  The “teacher” tells the player to give/make up a sentence related to the topic.  The “teacher” then asks the player (along with the other players) questions related to the sentence.  Play continues until the “teacher” uses all the cards or the time runs out.

Dimensions: 7 x 2.54 x 10.8cm

Weight: 0.14kg

Ages 5+

Product Code: FD121

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