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Agogo with Ditch

Agogo with Ditch

R 89.00

Our finely crafted wooden Agogo is 100% wood construction, scraper included
Non-Toxic and safe to use, its finishes are all non-toxic & lead free
Using the ditch in different ways, you can find different rhythmic sounds. Its a quality kids percussion instrument that will bring hours of fun & a great point of entry for the starting percussionist

Music is known to increase the capacity of a child’s memory; it is also believed to sharpen concentration. Music helps one to expression themselves and it relieves stress to a great extend. Music will help your child in sharpening his/her listening skills and also social skills. Music in a group will teach your child discipline and team skills. Music builds a sense of achievement, promoting happiness in your child’s life.

Size: 19cm

Ages 3+

Product Code: 110101

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