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8 Note Metal Hand Bells

8 Note Metal Hand Bells

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This Hand Bells Set is a high-quality musical percussion instrument, with precise and clear tones and a durable build.  The 12cm handles are perfect for the small hands of any child.  This interactive set will provide years of musical enjoyment.

8 Tuned coloured metal handbells are marked with the relevant note and number to help children learn a musical scale.  Notes for middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, high C.

♪ Bells measure 70mm diameter.

Kids love playing instruments at music time or during circle time.  Watch them proudly play along with others, making music of all different sounds and tones.  Ideal for teaching different rhythm and beats as well as history and culture. A wonderful addition to any classroom, therapy or learning center

Playing this instrument supports brain development with auditory skills, increased memory, gross coordination, fine motor coordination, increased language and reasoning, spatial intelligence, math skills development, creative thinking, better test-taking skills and communication skills.

Music teaches kids many skills. Children learn rhythm, beat, pattern recognition and even develop early math skills through music. Musical instruments can also help to cultivate social skills & collaboration in order to make music together.
Improving focus & creativity, musical instruments are ideal tools for kids' early development, encouraging gross and fine motor development, helping to develop a child's mind and creativity, training their listening skills & auditory discrimination by their own operation.
Ages 3+

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