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3 Digit Addition Bones 50pc

3 Digit Addition Bones 50pc

R 499.00

This set of 3 Digit Addition Bones offers children the opportunity to practice adding 3 digits in a fun and rewarding way. There are 50 bones in the pack offering enough variety for a whole class.

In making the transition from adding and subtracting two-digit numbers to three-digit numbers, children will build on what they have already learned about place value and regrouping. Begin with three-digit addition using basic facts and mental math. This will give children a chance to use what they already know. Children also need to practice this new skill in a variety of different ways. Using the 3 Digit Addition Bones is an excellent way to practice 3 Digit Addition. Children will love working with these 3 Digit Addition Bones, and their skills in addition will increase!

Each Bone has a “slider” that can be moved to conceal part of the maths sentence. Children need to calculate which part of the maths sentence has been concealed.

For example: In 3 Digit Addition Bones a Bone may have the Maths Sentence 2 + 5+ 7 = 14 – The slider can be moved to conceal any part of this maths sentence.

The 3 Digit Addition Bones are 214mm x 60mm in dimension.

Ages 5+

Product Code: 3128708

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