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Tangram Plastic 105pc container

Tangram Plastic 105pc container

R 339.00

Your child will develop an understanding of geometric shapes and their relationship to each other and problem solve by matching, offering endless play possibilities. 15 tangrams per set in 5 colours, the tangrams measure 10cm x 10cm x 0.5cm and can be used to learn about congruent and similar shapes, symmetry, angles, area and fractions. Each set is packed in a plastic box with lock. 

Also available in a polybag - GIG1043P

Tangram Activity Card Options:

Set 1: Activity Cards Tangram Set 1 (GIG1043A)

Set 2: Activity Cards Tangram Advanced Set 2 (GIG1043B)

 Ages 4+

Product Code: GIG1043C

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