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What is Play Therapy?

Leemor Daniel Lombard

Children do not always have the language skills or the vocabulary to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Through the use of Play Therapy, a child is able to use their natural means of expression, namely play, as a non-threatening therapeutic method to assist them in coping with emotional stress or trauma.

Play therapy is a specialized counselling approach in which different games, toys and mediums (such as clay, sand, water and paint) are used to facilitate a child or adolescent in expressing their emotions, thoughts and needs. It helps them to become aware and to understand muddled feelings about certain events in their lives that they are unable to cope with or manage on their own. Play therapy allows them to explain and express these emotions at their own pace, without feeling threatened or interrogated.

For more information contact Veniece on lazarou.veniece@gmail.com

***This post appears courtesy of Veniece Lazarou, registered counsellor and Play Therapist.


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