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Thinking of Buying a Marble Run?

Leemor Daniel Lombard Product update

Are you considering a Marble Run for your child?

Marble run toys are an excellent gift for any creative and engaged child.  These toys are not only fun, but also they are educational in many ways.  Marble runs encourage children to use 3D dimension and design skills in the building process.  They must be able to visualize what the structure will look like as they build and make sure that pieces will fit together in all directions. 


These skills are important in developing spacial perception and are used in something as common as driving.  In addition, a marble run will help your children to understand the affects of gravity when you are playing with the marble maze.    You can explain that the track must always be sloped downward to take advantage of gravity.  A discussion about the force that is needed to move something up an incline is the beginning of understanding physics.  When coming up with their marble run plans, the marble run toy will help your kids to understand the limitations of structures and give them insight into what supports are needed to make a sturdy structure.  These are the beginning skills of a structural or civil engineer.

Marble runs by Quercetti are among the less expensive marble run toys out there.  This educational toy company makes plastic marble tracks that are easy to assemble and very durable.  Because the parts are made of plastic, they are less expensive than the wooden marble runs.  Unlike some of the other companies, Quercetti makes it a bit easier to get marbles up to speed by using sloped rails.  The connection pieces are just cylinders with holes going from top to bottom and the marbles gain their speed by traveling on sloped rails.  The following is a list of the Quercetti Marble Runs available on our site:

Q6431 Skyrail Jurassic - 4m 127pc


Marble Run Junior Basic 22pc
Q6535 Marble Run Basic - 45pc
Q6538 Marble Run Vortex - 75pc
Q6546 Marble Run Transparent Basic - 45pc
Q6565 Marble Run Spinning - 92pc
Q6568 Marble Run Double Spiral - 111pc
Q6576 Marble Run Elevator 150pc
Q6580 Marble Run Super - 108pc
Q6665 Skyrail Maxi 410

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