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Brain Boosting Play with Rainbow Pebbles

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Rainbow Pebbles from EDX are such a simple concept and yet the opportunity they offer for learning is endless. The pebbles are ideal for open-ended play, as well as structured play - in the classroom, at home and in therapy.

Rainbow Pebbles offer opportunities for fine motor skills development, construction, counting; sorting by size and colour; and that’s just for starters. The activity cards offer opportunities to explore and match shapes and also build a variety of 2D & 3D shapes.

In addition, Rainbow Pebbles link science, math, and art, and encourage kids to think creatively as they put the colourful pebbles together in a variety of ways.

The smooth pebbles offer a calming sensory and tactile experience, and the bright colours are visually stimulating for children.  We love the combination of tactile play with education and art that Rainbow Pebble sets offer. On their own, kids can explore the feel of the pebbles and how the pebbles can be arranged, which helps develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking. But when parents / teachers / care-givers engage in the play, the developmental benefits are extended even more.

Here are some of our favourite Rainbow Pebble activities:

  • Sorting: Colour and size sorting is also a great way to encourage fine motor skill development & develop an understanding of these fundamental early learning topics. With older children, you can encourage them to use tongs or tweezers to move the pebbles with.
  • Stacking and Construction: Build a structure, balance the pebbles on top of one another, great for imaginative play, creative design and develop fine motor skills.
  • Pattern Play: Rainbow Pebbles are perfect to use as pattern manipulatives. Use the pattern cards included or let the kids create their own designs. 
  • An Early Math Manipulative: Young minds will love this hands-on teaching aid in learning how to count, add and subtract. In addition, the versatility of the pebbles ensures that students from preschool to Grade R will learn from these unique colourful shapes.

Browse our full range of Rainbow Pebbles here

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