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Working Out with Phonological Awareness

Working Out with Phonological Awareness

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These 50 quick, easy-to-use, fun workouts provide opportunities for students to improve their listening and phonological awareness skills.


1. Segmenting syllables
2. Rhyming
3. Blending syllables
4. Segmenting sounds in words
5. Manipulating sounds
6. Working with clusters

Working Out with Phonological Awareness is ideal for therapists,  educators and parents who want to provide extra practice in phonological awareness. The exercises review or reinforce skills that are emerging naturally or those that are being taught with a more comprehensive phonological awareness programme.  The exercises can also be used informally to probe strengths and weaknesses in phonological awareness.

The skills targeted in the workouts are appropriate for children between 5 to 10 years old, but are also appropriate for older students who are lacking basic phonological awareness skills. Children do not need to be readers to complete the exercises, because they are simply asked to listen to, identify, blend or manipulate phonemes (i.e. sounds), not to identify or respond with letter or grapheme names.

All children who are pre-readers or who are learning to read can benefit from the practice these exercises provide. In addition, the tasks are useful for children who have shown difficulty learning to read and write and for children who have expressive phonological disorders.

Ages 5 - 10

Product Code: TPX-18801

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