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What's In the Square?

What's In the Square?

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This game is designed to teach children to categorise and to sort into categories.

When focussing on sorting into categories, the margin tiles, which have dotted edges, are placed in the margin of the board. The child then places each "instance" card into the grid orthogonally to the correct margin card (or cards if 2 intersecting categories are being used).

When focussing on creating categories, "instance" tiles are placed in the grid and then the child seeks to place the relevant margin tile/s for the category that those instance tiles fall into.


4X4 matrix board with space outside matrix for a row and column of tiles on the outside edge of the matrix.

10 sets of tiles with each set containing margin "category" tiles and intersection "instance" tiles.

Ages 5+

Product Code: RR2140001

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