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Social Inferences Fun Deck

Social Inferences Fun Deck

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Social Inferences Fun Deck with Super Duper Secret Decoder has 63 social story cards to help students improve their social and inference-making skills. Students listen to/read the stories and choose the answer that represents a logical inference. 

There are three social skills sections.

Section I – (cards #1–21) asks the student to make an inference about the character’s personality based on his/her social behaviour in the scene.
Section II – (cards #22–43) asks the student to infer how the character in the scene is feeling.
Section III – (cards #44–63) asks the student to identify the appropriate/inappropriate social behaviour the character is displaying in the scene.

Also, students increase their vocabulary by looking at the description of the words in context. Cards measure 10 cm x 15 cm and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.
Students can self-check their answers with the Super Duper Secret Decoder. Just hold the decoder over the answer choices to reveal the correct answer highlighted with invisible ink! Free decoder included.
Remember, to activate your Secret Decoder you must remove the isolator strip between the batteries.


Find the Clues –

Students listen to or read a story card. After selecting an answer, the students must look back in the story to find the story “clues” that help him or her select an answer. Story clues include things the character did or said that supports the answer.

Act It Out –

Have the teacher or another student read a story while someone acts out the events. Talk about what the person said and did in the story. After you have discussed the story, ask the student to give an alternate suggestion for what the student acting out the story could have done differently.

Write On –

After listening to or reading the story, the students “write on” adding to the story. Give one point for each additional sentence a student writes to add to the story. The student with the most points is the winner.

Title Please –

After listening or reading the story, ask the students to give the story a title. Explain to the students that giving a story title is a way of summarising what the entire story is about. Give one point for each appropriate title. (Hint: There can be more than one appropriate title for a story)

How Would You Feel If –

After listening or reading a story, tell the student to imagine that they are characters in the story. Have them write or tell how they would feel if they were a character in the story. As another option, have students tell or write what advice they would give the character in the story.

Dimensions: 21.59 x 13.34 x 5.72cm

Weight: 0.54kg

Ages 7+

Product Code: FD92


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