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Snap it Up!® Addition/Subtraction Card Game - Demo Stock

Snap it Up!® Addition/Subtraction Card Game - Demo Stock

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Snap It Up is a fun, fast paced Addition and Subtraction Game. This game helps children improve their Mental Maths ability. Mental maths is an excellent way to stimulate one’s mind. Not only does it generally stimulate your mind, but it also helps one get a better “number sense.” In other words one becomes more familiar with how numbers interact–this is very important, because as you know, math is something that builds on itself. If you don’t have a good grasp on how numbers interact, then more complicated math will seem like more of a challenge. 

The Object of this Addition and Subtraction Game is to be the first player to make three correct addition and subtraction equations.

How to Set up Snap It Up Addition and Subtraction Game:

Separate the number cards (purple cards with yellow numbers) from the black sum/difference cards. Stack the black cards face-down in the centre of the table. Deal out all the purple cards to the players. (Players start with three purple cards in their hands and stack the rest of the purple cards face down to their right (this is their draw pile)

How to Play this Addition and Subtraction Game:

One player turns the top black sum/difference card face-up in the centre of the table and says “Go!” All players simultaneously try to make a number sentence equation by using the purple cards and the black sum/difference card in the centre. Players can add or subtract any two- or three-number card combinations, to equal the black card. [Note: There are no cards for maths symbols (+, -, and =) included in this game. Players should place the number cards side by side on the table.] If a player cannot make an equation, he discards one of his purple cards to his left, and takes a new purple card from his draw pile. He continues drawing and discarding until he can make an equation that equals the black sum/difference card. Players may not have more than three purple cards in their hand at any time. If a player can make an equation, he takes the black card from the centre and immediately turns over the next black card. Then he sets all the cards used to make his equation aside, draws new purple cards and continues playing. All players are drawing and discarding at the same time – as fast as they can. If a player’s draw pile runs out, he draws cards from the players on the right’s discard pile. Players yell “Snap!” as they take the black card to make their first equation. “It!” when they make their second, and “Up!” when they make their third. All players stop when on player yells “Up!” Then that player shows the three maths equations he has made. If his equations are correct, he wins! If any part of the equation is incorrect, the black card from that equation is returned to the centre pile and play continues.

Wild Cards: This card may be used to represent any purple number card a player chooses.
Snap It Up!® Addition & Subtraction card game reinforces skills up to 20. Game includes 90 cards and is suitable for 2-6 players.

Ages 6+

Product Code: LER 3044

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