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Skeletal Geo Set 330pc

Skeletal Geo Set 330pc

R 639.00

Make your own 2D figures and skeletal 3D models. Learn about vertices, faces and edges while involved in constructing new models.

Set includes:
● 60 white balls.
● Sticks of 50 each of 3.3cm, 5.3cm, 6.9cm.
● Sticks of 30 each of 8.2cm, 10.5cm, 12.5cm.
● 30 x 1/4 circles.
● 20 2-sided activity cards.

Set of: 330 pieces in a container.
Item Size: 50 each: 33mm x 53mm x 69mm 30 each : 82mm x 105mm x 125mm
Learning Skills:  Basic Mathematical Concepts, Fine Motor skills, Counting and Sorting Skills.

Ages 7+

Product Code: 21373C

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