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Sensory Hoops 16pc

Sensory Hoops 16pc

R 450.00

The game is on! Sensory Hoops are a slam dunk for fun in the tub.

Special Edu-Foam makes this basketball hoop perfect for water play!

Go for a lay up from close-up. Shoot a three-pointer from far away. - This is one sensory experience that gets kids excited!

Three grippy balls in green, orange, and blue are squeezably fun. They swoosh through the hoop and land with a soft splash in the tub.

Large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause-effect relationships are clearly in play. When a basket is made, kids clap and cheer themselves on - Let's do that again!

Fully resistant to mold and mildew and designed to look good too, this sport set is a winner for active bathers everywhere! 

Just remember to watch the clock - If the game goes overtime, you just might have to turn the hot water back on!

Turn bath time into a playtime experience kids look forward to with the Sensory Hoops set.
Visual Sensory DevelopmentTactile Sensory DevelopmentEasy Grip
 Visual Sensory Development, Tactile Sensory Development and

Easy Grip

Sensory Hoops
  • Floating basketball hoop with 3 sensory balls
  • Encourages gross motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination
  • Turns bath time into an active sport
  • Flexible floating foam
  • 3 Sensory balls: orange, blue, green
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, does not absorb water
  • Includes floating sensory hoop, 3 sensory balls
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Sensory balls measure 2.5 inch diameter

    Pack Dimensions:

    37L x 8W x 37cm H

  • Ages 12 Months+

    Product Code: ES525006

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